Wanna play?

Looking for one more band to complete the lineup. If you are local to Fellfoot (by local, I mean within 100 miles or so, ie Newcastle / Leeds / Manchester / Liverpool!), and you think you would fit in nicely with this lineup, I’m offering out the warmup slot on saturday night (5 – 6pm). Can pay fuel costs only.


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  1. LittleMiss Group

    Hi there!

    We are a dance and singing girlgroup, with fantastic harmonies, fierce stage presence working out of Soho Studios in London however we would be happy to make our own way there for the most part and happy to accept whatever the maximum is you can afford for travel!

    We currently have a production deal and are working with top stylists, producers and many more top industry individuals.

    I can send you a clip of us singing acoustically and a clip of one of our songs so you would know our performance style for festivals, as our live footage hasn’t come back yet, but we really put on a show! We are booked do a few other gigs and small festivals over the summer!

    Please see our harmony acoustic at http://www.vimeo.com/littlemiss

    And please contact us if you would like to hear a clip of our music which is much more upbeat! And photos!

    Nadina, Bexx, Laul and Tiffany
    Little Miss

  2. Hi girls, afraid the lineup is pretty much sorted now, but thanks for the interest, and good luck 🙂

  3. well i got to say we are no near to you guys but i am sure this band would fit in well with your festival,the band are called The witches drum from Cardiff.
    the link below will give you contact details and i am sure the boys would be happy to get some air play outside of cardiff

  4. Cheers Andrew, will check them out…lineup is basically sorted now, but you never know…

  5. thanks for the reply,spoken to the lead singer and they would be interested for next year if poss or if you have any other event that may be on the cards

  6. No problem, will have a listen and let you know what I think…

  7. Hello,

    MERCURY 13 have been getting rave reviews in the Liverpool area for the past 18 months and are looking to expand their fanbase outside of this area. The band have supported acts of the calibre of “I Am Kloot”, “Field Music” and “Shack” and I know that they
    would be a great addition to what is already a fantastic bill.

    All details can be found at:




  8. Hi my name is JP Cooper,
    I’m an acoustic singer songwriter from Manchester. I thought I would drop you a quick email in the off-chance that you may have any last minute slots at your festival. I was informed about it by a fan on Facebook so I thought I’d say hi. 

    Please find my web info and press release below. Either way good luck with the festival.  


    Sometimes you see someone perform for the first time and you’re just completely blown away…

    Hailing from Middleton, North Manchester, playing a blend of folk, blues, soul and gospel. JP Cooper is an intriguing prospect amongst aspiring British Singer Songwriters

    Listening to him perform, either alone or with his band, bears witness to an honesty, intensity and power evoked via the simplest of orchestration.

    His soulfully expressive unique vocal style, the kind that cuts through a room to hush a chattering crowd in seconds, is utterly bewitching. His unexpected vocal flights hardly prepare you for the intimacy and empathy to follow, couple this with a clutch of sensational songs and you would find it almost impossible to believe that he has only been writing seriously for 2 years and performing solo for barely 1. Comparisons are yet to be made (although they inevitably will be..), but there is nothing derivative about his voice or his songwriting.

    JP has been singing with Manchesters finest gospel choir, The Manchester Sing Out Choir (nominees for the National Gospel Awards), for the last few years. An unusual training ground for an acoustic singer-songwriter you might think… but it’s one that has enabled him to develop an extraordinarily soulful warmth to his vocal whilst retaining a genuine folksy feel and has informed a real leftfield approach to his song writing.

  9. mark chivers Chiz.

    Hi I play bongos and other percussion drums. I live at Newcastle and am free to play then. All I ask is get me there and back and in.
    I will play along all weekend as I have done for many other events and festivals.
    Just came back from shamaInIa camping festival and went down great. See me on you tube bongo at Psytaztica.
    I am a dancer bongo player.
    I don’t want pay just love to entertain.
    Mail me or call.07759145642.

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