Fellfoot Wood

Fellfoot pancosmic pyromanticism

Fellfoot Wood is a very special place, nestled away in the picturesque English Lake District, overlooking the vast Lake Windermere. It is a place of beauty and mystery, and has a very unique ambience that suffuses all the events there. Have a look at the website here – http://www.fellfootwood.co.uk

As a venue, it benefits from a newly-constructed barn / stage area in the ‘Pancosmodrome’ – a naturally occurring ampitheatre nestled within the woods. The construction of this area is such that even in the event of inclement weather, both band and audience can still stay warm and dry at what is essentially an ‘outdoor gig’.

As a campsite, it is quite unique. Small ‘grottoes’ are set into the woods, enabling you to find a space to suit your taste…whether you wish to have a small isolated spot, or a larger space suitable for a group of friends. Either way, when you look out of your tent what you see is the woods and the beautiful views over the lake and surrounding area – not a sea of other tents. This makes the ambience very special, and this is only possible by deliberately limiting the numbers of tickets sold. Events here are about a great experience for the people attending, and the bands playing – NOT about making money. This is not your run-of-the-mill festival…

Your physical needs are catered for by a small onsite cafe (serving very tasty hot food, that is mostly vegetarian/vegan) and a bar (serving a selection of alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks). You are of course welcome to bring your own food and drink (maybe for that essential bacon sandwich), but we ask that you respect the environment by using the bins & recycling facilities available.

The campsite offers clean toilets & washing facilities of course.

In order to comply with health & safety regulations (it being a wood) there are NO fires allowed on site, but there is a large fire in the Pancosmodrome to help keep you toasty during the gig 🙂 The use of disposable barbecues is permitted, if used off the ground.

Please also be aware that Equinox Paradox is an 18+ event, and there are no dogs allowed.


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