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  1. hi there i’m playing with vert:x on the friday,looking forward to it:-),was wondering if your still looking for an opening band for sat?
    may i recommend either the fantastic ‘tea for the wicked’? their over at
    &/or poet mark broster (some works over at) cheers k.

  2. Hi Keith, I think the line-up is pretty much sorted, but I’ll check them out anyway, thanks for the heads-up 🙂

  3. Can anybody email me about some volunteering please?, would be really appreciated! x

  4. Thanks a million for a wonderful weekend at Fell Foot Wood. Lovely people, with some great bands & djs in an idyllic location. Well done Neil and crew!! x

  5. Please tell me that Rose Kemp’s set was properly filmed and a DVD is in the works! Oh, I hope so. Golden Shroud towers over most of what’s come out this century so far.

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