paddy steer at Fellfoot

Friday night:

10pm – 11pm  > Misty’s Big Adventure – Misty’s Big Adventure are an 8 piece band from Birmingham who mix more sounds than you can shake a stick at. Their music is an eclectic mix of jazz, lounge, psychedelia, two tone, pop and punk. Beyond that point, pretty much anything goes. They are touring over the summer to promote their new LP “The Family Amusement Centre”.

9pm – 10pm  > Jo Hamilton – Jo’s debut album Gown quietly received huge acclaim from the UK national press and won three awards in the 2010 Recharged Radio awards. Jo has recently become the first artist in the world to be working with an Airpiano. Her performance at Equinox Paradox will be a rare and intimate full-band outing. “Singular and unforgettable, Hamilton is quite a find.” – The Guardian

8pm – 9pm > The Higher Craft – Formed in 2007 in London, THC fuse West-coast psychedelic vibes with contemporary metal weight, avant-garde atmospherics and theatrical performance. Recently augmented by powerhouse drummer Andre Thung you can be sure of an intense ride!

7pm – 8pm > Vert:x – Wirral-based Vert:x is the core of Neil Whitehead and Keith Hill with friends joining them for gigs and recording. Kraut-infused spacerock with heavily delayed, phased, distorted guitars fighting for attention with analogue oscillations to a motorised backbeat evoking journeys through endless expanses of time and space at breakneck speed.

6pm – 7pm > Windscale – Labelling themselves as ‘circuit-bent drone rock’, Windscale are a power 3-piece incorporating self-customised toys & keyboards, and homemade effects pedals into their unique sound.

Saturday night:

11pm – Midnight > A very special surprise!

10pm – 11pm > Rose Kemp – ‘Coming from folk-rock stock, with parents in Steeleye Span, Rose Kemp sidesteps the hey nonny-nonny by layering on thick that disquieting feeling of the final scene from ‘The Wicker Man’. Replete with haunting melodies and capricious mood changes, she is all witch vibes, shrieks and horror poetry. Rose is one for stripping a song down and burning it before resurrecting it shaman-style for those full-moon parties that kept medieval Britain on the wrong side of evil.’ – Jonathan Horsley/Terrorizer

9pm – 10pm > Omnia Opera – ‘Omnia Opera is one of those few bands that become legendary in their own time. They easily fall in the ‘spacerock gods’ category. Their music is some of the heaviest, most effects laden around. And with each listen, to any of their releases, you discover something new that you had not heard before.  Their songs are filled with massive psychedelic guitar solos, interstellar keyboards, manic drumming, and both male and female vocals. All guaranteed to take you on a ride from the deepest realms of your mind to the outer limits of space and beyond. This band does not pull any punches.’ – Doug Shaver, Aural Innovations

8pm – 9pm > Neko Neko – A young Manchester producer, he might most easily be filed under the category ‘psychedelic hiphop’ (if such a genre exists). Drawing heavily on his early experiences of live performance, his tracks are typically sparse and subtly melodic, with beats that draw you in rather than pummelling you for attention. Add the necessary psyche fairy-dust in the production stages and this promises to be a mesmerising performance.

7pm – 8pm > Betty & The Id – Undoubted kings of the Birmingham psyche scene, this 4-piece always give a tight and energetic performance that oozes experience and confidence. Elements of garage, krautrock and classic psychedelia are all spun together into a heady mix that still keeps the adrenaline flowing…

6pm – 7pm >The Chinese Burn Society – Formed from the ashes of notorious Brummie prog pranksters ‘Where’, The Chinese Burn Society take that template and give it a good spit and polish to create something entirely different, and yet with its roots the same. Expect accomplished musicianship and unexpected songwriting…

5pm – 6pm > TBC



    Probably spotted this a little late in the day, but we’re a jazzy/kraut thing. We’d like to play, too! At least have a listen to our link for future shindigs, eh?

    Boomshankha x

    • Just checking out your stuff on Soundawesome, sounds nice…but yeah, lineup is kinda full now, not sure I would be able to squeeze you in. Just out of interest, how did you hear about the event, I notice you are based in Shropshire / West Midlands (as am I).

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